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Responsible Event Assessment

Description of Strategy

Responsible event assessment uses an assessment tool and observers to determine how controlled alcohol is at an event and how much drinking occurs in various venues of the event. By accurately tracking drinking at community events or festivals, organizers can determine what policies and controls are necessary to prevent underage drinking and illegal alcohol sales at future events.

Also known as...

CARE Responsible event assessment

Discussion of Effectiveness


While findings from the literature are inconclusive regarding the effectiveness of responsible event assessment to limit the likelihood of illegal alcohol sales and the prevention of alcohol-related risks at community events, there is some evidence to suggest this strategy can promote enhanced collaboration between planners and prevention specialists, and may also influence the adoption of written policies to improve festival/event practices (Toomey, Erickson, Patrek, Fletcher, & Wagenaar, 2005).


Strategy Description

Evidence Base

Toomey, T.L., Fabian, L.A., Erickson, D.J., Wagenaar, A.C., Fletcher, L., & Lenk, K.M. (2006). Influencing alcohol control policies and practices at community festivals. Journal of Drug Education, 36(1), 15-32.

Toomey, T.L., Erickson, D.J., Patrek, W., Fletcher, L.A., & Wagenaar, A.C. (2005). Illegal alcohol sales and use of alcohol control policies at community festivals. Public Health Rep, 120(2), 165-173.

Futher Reading

Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project, Resource Center on Impaired Driving. (2010). La Crosse Festival Project [White paper].