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Pharmacy Lock-In Programs

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Wyoming Overview

Description of Strategy

A pharmacy lock-in program is used to constrain patients with a history of obtaining excessive quantities of controlled substances through multiple visits to providers and pharmacies. This program requires that once patients are evaluated, and prescribed opioids by a licensed provider, they utilize a single pharmacy for filling all of their prescriptions. This reduces the likelihood of duplicate or excessive prescriptions.

In Wyoming

Wyoming Medicaid includes a pharmacy lock-in program.

Discussion of Effectiveness

The existing research concerning the effectiveness of pharmacy lock-in programs is mixed. Naumann et al. (2018) find that lock-in programs increase the number of prescriptions written for narcotics using non-Medicaid payment options. Meanwhile, Roberts et al. (2016) argues that enrolled patients can simply pay full price out of pocket for prescriptions filled at a pharmacy where they are not locked in. For example, a study of Michigan’s lock-in program found that 56% of patients simply dropped the program. However, those that remained in the program were more likely to use opioids appropriately (Dreyer et al., 2015).


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Wyoming Department of Health. (n.d.) Wyoming Pharmacy Lock-In Program. 

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