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ID Laws for Opioid Dispensing

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Wyoming Overview

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Because of their increased risk of addiction, it is necessary to limit access to prescription opioids. One way to do this is to have pharmacists verify photo identification of a patient before dispensing prescribed opioids. Numerous states, and the District of Columbia, require IDs before dispensing opioids. Types of identification vary widely from a photo ID, or a valid government-issued ID, to simply “identification.” Likewise, several states have exemptions to such laws and give the pharmacist a moderate amount of discretion.

In Wyoming

WY Rules and Regulations AIPDSC Ch. 6 s 9(a) states:

The pharmacist or employee under supervision must verify the identity of the person presenting a controlled substance prescription to the pharmacy for dispensing. This may be done by visual recognition. If identity is not established by visual recognition, a driver’s license or similar photo identification form is acceptable documentation. The following information shall be recorded on the paper prescription, if identification is utilized: name, type of identification, and identification number.

Information related to rules and regulations for the prescription of controlled substances can be found at the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy website.

Discussion of Effectiveness

There is currently little evidence one way or another that requiring identification prevents opioid misuse (Hahn, 2011 ).


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