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Depressive Disorder Depression in Lifetime (Age Groups)

The percentage of Wyoming adults who reported they had been told sometime in their life they had a form of depression.

Adult: Age 18-2418.1%24.4%25.4%33.6%24.4%
Adult: Age 25-3416.5%23.1%19%16.5%20.5%
Adult: Age 35-4419.2%22.4%22.1%18.5%22.6%
Adult: Age 45-5417.1%23.1%17.7%21.2%17.4%
Adult: Age 55-6413.6%21.6%16.7%19.2%17.8%
Adult: Age 65+10.8%15.1%10.5%13%11.6%

SOURCE: BRFSS-II 2016-2020

About the Data

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