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Mental Distress Frequent Mental Distress (Age Groups)

The percentage of Wyoming adults reporting their mental health (which includes stress, depression, and problems with emotions) was not good for 14 or more of the past 30 days.

Adult: Age 18-2410.1%9.5%11.4%10.3%13.5%22.3%16.7%20.9%23.5%19.6%
Adult: Age 25-3411.5%12.2%11.9%10.7%12.1%12.2%12.9%14.1%15.7%15.4%
Adult: Age 35-449.7%12.1%8.9%13.4%14.8%9.6%13.2%13.1%12.6%14.3%
Adult: Age 45-5412.1%11.9%12.3%12.3%12.9%12.3%10.7%13.2%11.5%10.5%
Adult: Age 55-649.4%9.6%9.4%9.1%11.3%13.1%10.6%10.2%10.4%10.2%
Adult: Age 65+6.3%6.8%5.2%6.5%7.1%6.2%6%6.1%6.7%6.6%

SOURCE: BRFSS-II 2011-2020

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