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Drug-Involved Arrests Marijuana-Involved Arrest Rates, Methamphetamine-Involved Arrest Rates, and DUI Arrests Involving Drugs

The rate of arrests involving marijuana, methamphetamine, or DUI incidents involving drugs (other than alcohol) per 100,000 population.

DUIs Involving Drugs838710591826872
Methamphetamine-Involved Arrests139174229233243216143
Marijuana-Involved Arrests188258331338267246189

Note: Participating sheriff offices and police departments record as part of the arrest paperwork, whether they believe the arrest was associated with marijuana, methamphetamine, or a DUI incident involving drugs other than alcohol.  This recordkeeping was in addition to, and independent of, the actual charges associated with the arrests. Rates per 100,000 population are calculated based on the count of arrests provided by the data source and the current population estimates from the United States Census Bureau.

SOURCE: WASCOP 2014-2020

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