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Alcohol Dependence or Abuse Alcohol Dependence or Abuse (by Age Group)

The percentage of people reporting symptoms meeting the diagnostic criteria for alcohol dependence or abuse.

Ages 12-177%5.9%4.4%4.4%4.9%3.5%2.9%2.9%2.7%2.7%2.4%
Ages 18-2519.5%17.9%16.3%17.5%16.7%14.3%13.2%12.8%11.9%11.1%12.5%
Ages 26+6.8%6.3%6%6.4%7%6.9%5.6%5.9%5.9%5.1%5.9%

Note: Screening questions on the survey were based on the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). The criteria included symptoms such as recurrent alcohol use resulting in physical danger, trouble with the law due to alcohol use, increased tolerance to alcohol, and giving up or reducing other vital activities in favor of alcohol use.

SOURCE: NSDUH 2008-2019

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