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Binge Drinking Binge Drinking (Gender)

The percentage of Wyoming men reporting having 5 or more drinks and Wyoming women reporting 4 or more drinks on an occasion in the past 30 days.

Adult: Female11%11%11%10%11%13%13%10%13%12%
95% Upper C.I. (Adult: Female)13%13%13%13%13%15%15%12%16%14%
95% Lower C.I. (Adult: Female)9%9%9%8%9%10%11%8%11%10%
Adult: Male27%23%22%24%21%24%23%25%22%21%
95% Upper C.I. (Adult: Male)29%26%25%27%24%27%25%27%25%23%
95% Lower C.I. (Adult: Male)24%20%20%21%19%21%20%22%20%18%

SOURCE: BRFSS-II 2011-2020

About the Data

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