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Wyoming state and county-level data around substance use & abuse


Alcohol-Related Arrests Wyoming Alcohol-Related Arrests

Rates per 100,000 population for arrests due to drunkenness or intoxication, driving under the influence, or liquor law violations.

County Rate per 100,000
Albany 1630
Big Horn 188
Campbell 1435
Carbon 1146
Converse 1028
Crook 724
Fremont 1876
Goshen 678
Hot Springs 620
Johnson 983
Laramie 1138
Lincoln 553
Natrona 1335
Niobrara 56
Park 770
Platte 788
Sheridan 1207
Sublette 825
Sweetwater 947
Teton 865
Uinta 708
Washakie 562
Weston 576
Wyoming 1126

Note: The results are presented as multi-year averages to make them less volatile to year-to-year changes and to account for counties with smaller populations. WYSAC calculated the rates per 100,000 population based on arrest counts provided by the data source and the current population estimates available from the United States Census Bureau.

Data Source: DCI 2013-2017

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